Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walk #18

Went to start the turtle walk at 6:20, and it was still dark out, very windy and dark rain clouds were lurking overhead. I planned to walk as fast as possible so I could finished before it started raining. Going out the boardwalk, I felt a few sprinkles. After getting just a little way up the beach, it started raining lightly.

There were a couple of piles of trash to pick up, each consisting of 7 or 8 corona bottles and empty wrappers from snacks, also a plastic waste paper container and a 5 gallon bucket. At the Light House Beach parking area, I was on my way to the dumpster with all this stuff, when I slipped and fell down. I got all muddy, scratched one leg and then had to gather up the trash for the second time. (I was talking to myself and saying bad words by that time!) There was also a large aluminum frame for a sun shade or cabana type thing, lying on the ground by one of the boardwalks.

Went back out on the beach and walked into the water to wash my hands and legs off. Ok, I’m still in one piece so I had better get this finished before it starts pouring down rain.

Just about the time I reached the one remaining turtle nest in our zone, it started raining harder. The nest had one stake broken and the yellow marker tape was broken and blowing in the wind. I walked in, underneath some sea grape bushes so that I could take a picture out over the water, and also wipe the rain off my glasses.

Hurried off again, walking in the water to go around bushes etc. Just before I reached the fishing pier, it started pouring down rain. There were several people on the pier fishing, and they were under the roof. They looked at me like I was crazy, as I went around the boardwalk and kept hurrying on. By now I could hardly see for the water running off my hair and over my glasses. The birds even knew better than to stay out, because I didn’t see any of them around after it started raining. The only birds I had seen were just after I started walking. Other than those people on the fishing pier, I had only seen one couple walking past as I started my walk.

I had put my cell phone in one of the extra trash bags I had in my pocket, so I couldn’t really take pictures. The only good ones today would have been of me on the ground, anyway. I just kept thinking that we had been fortunate to avoid the rain numerous times before, and you can’t expect that to happen every time.

Now, the next best thing to happen was….when I went from the beach, I slipped and fell once more. This time I had my wet glasses in my hand because I couldn’t see with them on. I fell on top of them and both lenses came out. I just grabbed them up and then picked myself up, shook my head and went on. I had to get in a vehicle soaking wet, muddy and disgruntled. But, when I think of it now, it’s pretty comical. At least there was no lightning.

Till next week…….I’ll try to stay dry!

There were practically no shells on this part of the beach this morning.

Now, wouldn't you know that it quit raining and the sun came out, 20 minutes later!

Did you know?
Sea turtles spend almost all their lives submerged but must breathe air for the oxygen needed to meet the demands of vigorous activity. With a single explosive exhalation and rapid inhalation, sea turtles can quickly replace the air in their lungs.

Loggerhead sea turtles dive for about 4 to 5 minutes and surface to breathe for 1 to 3 seconds. A female loggerhead tracked at sea made up to 500 dives every 12 hours.
Turtles can rest or sleep underwater for several hours at a time but submergence time is much shorter while diving for food or to escape predators.


Snowbird said...

Wow, doesn't sound like one of your better mornings. I'm glad that you and your glasses are ok. How many more weeks do you have to walk?

Tink *~*~* said...

Oh your poor, muddy, banged-up thing! :-( I hope you're feeling better soon. It has been raining here in Lehigh almost non-stop since early yesterday afternoon. I think we've had one half-hour long experience with a patch of blue sky this morning, then back to the wind and rain. Hopefully, tomorrow will be sunnier.

And speaking of turtles, I gave you a shout-out on my blog today.


Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I know it's not funny,but I'm ROFLMAO!! The visual is too funny!!

gpc said...

Ouch. I've had a few of those kinds of walks on Sanibel without the excuse of checking nests, so I really feel for you. It is no fun to be wet, scratched, bruised and muddy. I hope the next one will be a lot more pleasant for you!