Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sanibel Sea School

I imagine most of you have heard about the Sanibel Sea School. But, how much do you really know about the organization and what its purpose is? I honestly didn't know that much about it, until I saw graffiti around Sanibel last week. These chalk drawings of sea turtles and sea turtle facts made me curious. I asked someone about it and they said that it was done by the Sanibel Sea School; last week was their 'Sea Turtle Week'. So of course, I had to check it out.

The Sanibel Sea School is a non-profit foundation started by Bruce and Evelyn Neill to promote marine conservation; through research and education. They are dedicated to teach children and adults about marine ecosystems.

Operating expenses are covered by tuition for the different programs, by grants and by donations. Donations are needed and appreciated.

You can learn more about the Sea School on their informative website and also a Blog that shares stories and pictures of the different field trips, etc.

There was also a very nice story about the Sea School and the Neills on CBS Early Show, just this past week. You can watch the video on the CBS News site.

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Tink *~*~* said...

Come January/February, I just might enroll in the Sanibel Sea School. I think that would be a good time of year to do it because of the variety of stuff that will be on the beaches.

Tink *~*~*
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