Monday, August 4, 2008

Loggerhead Turtle Makes Daytime Visit

After reading an article about a Loggerhead Turtle making a daytime visit to a beach at St. George Island, FL, to lay eggs; I wanted to share it with the rest of you. It’s a cute story that lets you know; it only takes one look at a Loggerhead, up close and personal, to capture your heart.

It is only my personal opinion, but I think the more people are able to interact with the sea turtles, the more they will be interested in helping make changes to protect them.

There was another interesting article about Jekyll Island's $3 million turtle center, a restored 1903 power plant. Turtle Center provides care for sick and injured sea turtles. One part of the center is a veterinary clinic, where visitors get a close look at the turtles and see them being treated in round, open-air tanks. Staffers are on hand to answer questions and give patient updates (which also can be found on their Web site).
There are educational programs for kids and adults throughout the year. In summer months, nightly beach walks with staffers can be scheduled.
Each year about 230 sea turtles wash ashore along the Georgia coast. Most of the turtles are dead. The few found alive are often sick, diseased or have been seriously wounded by boats.
It would certainly be a great place to visit.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Turtle Center's Blog

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Kahshe Cottager said...

I took the time to read all the current posts in your blog. It is very interesting as well as encouraging to know people are looking out for these turtles. I have been fortunate to see sea turtles when I was still scuba diving - they are just amazing animals.

Your photos are beautiful!!!