Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lost Turtle Nests

About mid-afternoon, the waves got very high. The tide was up exceptionally high. It had washed sand and shells all the way up into the dunes.

We saw 3 turtle nests that have been washed over, near access # 2.

Our last remaining nest in Zone 1, is gone; we couldn't even find the stakes. ;-(

I hope I am wrong, but I seriously doubt there will be a nest left on the island.

There is a high surf advisory here for 24 hours.

I looked back through the figures that had been sent to us and it looks like there were 266 nests on Sanibel;124 of those had hatched. If that figure is correct, then there would have been 142 nests still to hatch. I don't have the figures for Captiva, but it seems to me, that at one point I was thinking there were over 350 total nests adding both islands together.


Snowbird said...

Oh, how sad. About how many nests were left, do you know?

gpc said...

That is so sad, I guess we have to be grateful that the storms didn't hit this hard in August, but it's still heartbreaking!