Friday, August 29, 2008

Belle Had Overnight Sitters

Have you been keeping up with the sea turtles progress in 'Tour de Turtles'? It is so interesting tracking the turtles as they make their journey. Belle o’ Brevard is one turtle in the race. This story tells about her having sitters overnight before her release.

Belle is currently in third place. She has traveled 501 miles in 26 days. Watching the turtles progress is amazing!

Another turtle that I find interesting to watch is 'Little Crush', the turtle that was rehabilitated at the Living Seas. It seems the little turtle doesn't want to leave, as it just keeps going back and forth in the area it was released. I think the poor little turtle didn't want to leave Disney World. It is currently in 6th place, even though it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Read what Walt Disney World is doing to help save our sea turtles. There is also a link in the side bar on that site to a more involved story about Belle.

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MariBy said...

Oh Tootie...that was so interesting! I hear Disney's Vero Beach Resort is very nice...maybe that's why Little Crush keeps hanging around.

I'm amazed that the battery in the transmitter lasted as long as it did.