Saturday, August 23, 2008

Turtle Nesting Statistics as of August 23, 2008

No new nests this week, and sadly not a great result with the digs.

Last Sunday, Nest #7 was dug; false crawl


Nest #12 was dug with 86 hatches, 45 unhatched, 6 live in nest (and released) and 2 piped (means the turtle had pecked through the shell but could not get out) dead in shell; Nest #13 was dug with 68 hatches, 9 unhatched, 1 live in nest (and released) and 4 dead in nest;

Nest # 15 was dug with 97 hatches, 23 unhatched 4 live in nest (released) and 9 piped dead in shell.Tuesday nothing.


Nest # 18 was dug with 38 hatches, 67 unhatched and 23 live in nest (released)---this was an unusual situation wherein the nest hatched the 14th but wasn't dug until the 20th due to the storm etc.


Nest #8 was dug and 114 unhatched eggs were found---the nest had probably been inundated with water.Friday Nest # 22 was dug with 1 hatch and 99 unhatched---this nest had been inundated with water.

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