Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Turtle Walk of 2011 Sea Turtle Nesting Season

This morning was our first 'Turtle Walk' of the 2011 nesting season. We were looking forward to it, hoping to see a turtle crawl and a new nest. There have been 5 nests and 4 false crawls found on the west end already. 

We are walking a new zone this year, which is a mile long. We begin at Gulfside City Park and walk west to the Tarpon Bay Public Access.

As we walked out onto the beach, just before daylight, the first thing we saw was someone walking down the beach with a flashlight. It's disheartening when you find someone breaking the rules before you even begin. :(

It was windy and cool this morning, perfect weather for a walk on the beach. 
We quickly started passing by one sand hole after another.


A boogie board left behind.

There were a few small shells on the beach, but mostly crumbs.

This looked to be one busy crab hole, by the looks of the tracks.  :(  I only wanted to see turtle tracks!

Casa Ybel

When I noticed the pink sky, I realized that we were not going to get a direct view of the sunrise this morning.  Sanibel Island is shaped like a boomerang and we are walking at the southernmost point of the island, therefore no sunrise view this time of year.

Island Beach Club, some of you may know that because of the landmark palm tree leaning toward the gulf.  You can be quite a distance down the beach and be able to get your bearings when you see this tree.  Sadly the tree has died, but it still serves a purpose with an osprey nest on top.

Something strange was ahead, and in front of Sanibel Cottages.

Yes, another hole.  This one is going to have to filled in.  It's like a waiting trap for a sea turtle coming ashore to nest.

See the landmark tree?

Pointe Santo de Sanibel

Very quiet there this morning.

The end of our zone.

Tarpon Bay Public Beach Access

Sting Ray had one fin missing.

Pile of Pen shells

Only shell we picked up this morning was a black flat scallop shell.

About 35 cents???

Prettiest view of the walk. :)

Back at our access; one full bag of trash, no turtle nests.

A nice walk, nonetheless. 

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sue in mexico mo said...

I wondered if you would be doing the walk this year. Glad you are! You go by Ocean's Reach, right? I'll watch for you in July.

That hole Gary is standing in is scary!!!