Thursday, May 12, 2011

Turtle Walk #2

Today was our second turtle walk of the season.  The temperature was perfect, but not quite as much breeze as I would have liked.  Because of that, the no-see-ums bothered us a little if we stopped walking.  After there was more light they disappeared.

There was a lot of sea pork on the
beach this morning.

 I tried to get a photo of the manatee that was swimming around.  As we got near the area, there were around 5 people standing on the shore taking photos.  By the time we got to that point, there were 4 more people and another 3 coming out a path.  Word traveled fast!  :)  With the photo enlarged you can only see a dark line.  On our way back, people were still there watching the manatee who had been joined by a pod of dolphins.

I think this is where that deep hole was last week.  Pretty sad when they have to bring in heavy equipment to fill them in.  There was also a big and very deep hole in front of Pointe Santo a couple of days ago.  It has been filled in too. We saw the big tracks in several places.  If we see anyone digging such a hole, we are supposed to call the police department and give them the location.  Hopefully that will put an end to some of it.

Fishing line left behind.

Shell net marking a militant sheller's grave?

King of the mountain???

Plastic straw

 Another hole in the making.

 Horseshoe crab and sea pork.


You can see from the photos how
calm the water was.

A dead baby shark.

Do you think this thing floated over from Cuba?

which is a great place to stay,
has an informative website with a picture gallery and also a blog.

We saw no turtle activity this morning, but there has been some.

To date:
East End- 0 nests, 4 false crawls

West End- 11 nests, 15 false crawls
Captiva- 4 nests, 0 false crawls

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