Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Season Statistics

Sea turtle season is over on the islands. Below is how our season ended.  The previous two years are for comparison. This is the third worst year for the islands in terms of number of nests laid. From what I've read, amount of nests and hatches were up, in many other areas.  So, I guess we can be thankful for that.Sanibel & Captiva 2010:

Sanibel East- 20 nests, 64 false crawls, 7 hatches

Sanibel West- 140 nests*, 247 false crawls, 105 hatches

Captiva- 64 nests, 117 false crawls, 50 hatches


Sanibel East- 27 nests, 57 false crawls, 23 hatches

Sanibel West- 155 nests, 177 false crawls, 129 hatches

Captiva- 80 nests, 66 false crawls, 68 hatches


Sanibel East- 34 nests, 50 false crawls, 19 hatches

Sanibel West- 248 nests, 243 false crawls, 152 hatches

Captiva- 137 nests, 103 false crawls, 101 hatches

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Terra said...

Hi Tootie, I love that you are a turtle walker. They are great animals. I visited one of your other blogs and saw no place to comment, and wanted to tell you I visited Sanibel as a child, and wrote about it briefly in my book about Christmas. My family camped in the Everglades one year, driving from Wisconsin. Nice to meet you.