Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekly report from our Permittee

Three new nests this week and one hatch:

#29 – Zone 6 – Pointe Santo in front of westernmost building at vegetation line behind a large shrub
#30 – Zone 3 – Holiday Inn 10’ east of the beach access path at the vegetation line
# 31 – Zone 5 – Gulfside Place 100’ east of middle boardwalk in the vegetation
Nest #1 (hatched on 7/10 – dug on the 14th, 59 empty shells and 17 unhatched)

One nest in our zone, Nest 3 ,is due to hatch Tuesday 7/22.

We are also asked to report any red drift algae in the water or on shore and where it is this week. That is a bad sign. :-( There has been red drift algae reported on Ft. Myers Beach this week. I sure hope it doesn't end up on our beaches too.

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