Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Nests

There are five new nests this week.

Zone Nest #26 on Gulf side of the lighthouse keeper’s cottage – 10’ from the private entrance marked “No beach access”

Zone Nests #22 – 75’ east of the Holiday Inn main beach entrance and Nest #23 – 100 yds. east of Beach Road access at Tortuga Beach Club

Zone Nests #24 at Cottage Colony (Casa Ybel) 57’ east of west most walkway at Cottage Colony West and Nest #25 at Island Beach Club 67’ west of main walkway

There are 26 nests!

Did you know?

Sea turtles live their entire life in the ocean. The only time they come to shore is when the female lays her eggs. Nesting can take between one and three hours. After a female turtle drags herself up the beach, she hollows out a pit with her back legs and deposits from fifty to two hundred eggs the size of golf balls. When the last egg is laid, the turtle covers the eggs with sand, tamps down the sand with her plastron, and flings more sand about with her flippers to erase any signs of the nest.

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