Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tour de Turtles

Begining in August 2008, the public can follow the marathon migration of eight sea turtles, representing four different species, from their nesting beaches to their foraging grounds, to see how long it takes.

For about three months, Tour de Turtles will follow with satellite-tracking devices the turtles released on nesting beaches from Florida to Panama. The first turtle to travel 2,620 kilometer (1,628 miles) wins the marathon.

Each turtle will be swimming for a cause to raise awareness about a specific threat to sea turtles. You can get involved by supporting a turtle to help raise awareness about their cause. Tour de Turtles is a multimedia experience featuring interactive online maps, videos, games and educational activities. It should be interesting to follow along to find out how long it takes each of the sea turtles.

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