Sunday, June 1, 2008

Walk #5

We have a nest in Zone 1! It was reported Thursday by another walker. There was also one reported the same morning from Zone 6.

(I’m still away, so the following is written by Gary who is making the walk and trash collecting all by himself.)

I started the walk this morning at 5:50 AM, hoping to find turtle tracks and another nest. The tide was pretty far out and it was still dark.

I walked toward the Lighthouse and checked on the turtle nest. It was undisturbed but a little close to the high tide line.

As I walked on, I saw the remnants of sand art that must have been left from yesterday. Then I noticed a silhouette on the beach. It looked like some sort of tent, but when I got closer I recognized it as a lean-to that some kids must have made. It was quite large. As I was checking it out I noticed a group of people standing in a circle on the beach.

The amount of garbage I collected this week was way less than last week, but still more than a tall kitchen bag full.

The rest of the walk was relatively uneventful with just a few shorebirds and pelicans to look at.

I stopped to take a picture of the turtle mailbox we had been passing each time on the way back across Buttonwood.

As I was backing the truck up to leave I noticed another turtle walker walking toward me from the beach so I stopped to talk to her. She said that she usually walks with her husband but he couldn't make it today. She needed the phone number of the Permittee. She didn't find any turtle tracks in her zone today either. I told her about the nest in front of Sanibel Beach Club II and she decided to go there to take a look. I got home about 7:20.


ChrisC and JonJ said...

Those are some great pictures!
Thanks for posting.

Dale said...

Thanks, Gary, for helping with the Turtle Talk with Tootie blog! Loved all of the sunrise pictures (especially the one with the roots in the foreground) and of course, the turtle mailbox!

Snowbird said...

Loved the pictures especially the sunrise pictures. You guys are great to do this. I wish I was down there to help out.