Sunday, May 25, 2008

Walk # 4

Just a quick note to tell you that I had to push the entire responsibily of today's Turtle Walk onto my Turtle Walking Buddy. I had to be away due to family illness, and also visit with children and grandchildren.

I asked him to take a few photos and write a little about what he found this morning. Below are his exact words to describe the Sunday Morning Adventure!

I didn't fall asleep till after 3 AM, but got up so I could begin the walk at 5:30. It was still dark but you would still be able to see turtle tracks in the sand. I took 2 of the tall kitchen trash bags this time. One was already full before the fishing pier There were a lot of beer bottles and cans, 4 diving masks, 3 dirty diapers and a large assortment of plastic including about 20 plastic cups. There were 2 beach chairs together, I tagged one of them. Near the lighthouse there was a broken beach umbrella. I threw that in the dumpster. After the fishing pier there was a pile of beer cans and the plastic six pack retainers. Part of that old turtle shell was back in front of those condos. I took a picture of it. There was a lot of green sea grass piled up on the bay side and a lot of urchins on the gulf side. My back is killing me, I have blisters on two of my toes!

I forgot to mention that it was really humid and the noseeums were terrible. When I stopped to tag the chairs I thought I would be eaten alive before finished peeling the backing off the tag.?? A little while after I got home it got nice and breezy and the humidity disappeared.

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