Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fourth Turtle Walk of 2010

We're still having very pleasant nights, around 72 degrees. Today the high temperature reached 87, but with a NW wind, it was very nice on the beach.

When we first started our turtle walk this morning, just before daylight, there wasn't much air moving and it seemed a little warm. The Moonflowers were still in full bloom, but were closed when we returned.

As soon as we walked out onto the beach, we felt a nice breeze. The eastern sky was glowing from the approaching sunrise.

As we walked to the waters' edge, we were greeted by jumping Mullet. :) We walked along watching them for quite a while. There have actually been studies as to why Mullets jump like they do. Some think they are taking breaths of fresh air because the water has a depleted supply, to rid themselves of parasites, or simply playing. Whatever the reason, it's quite entertaining. I tried to catch a shot of one in mid-air, but with my little cell phone camera, that didn't happen. The one below, does show the water after the fish went under. :)

This one actually shows the water splash! :)

There were a lot of small shells on the beach.

This appears to have been a big fish.

Someone must have made and decorated their own beach umbrella holder.

A lone fisherman.

An 18" hole, just waiting for a foot. :)

It was a pretty uneventful walk. There was even a lack of trash. The only thing I picked up was one balloon. Yay!!! There were no signs of turtle activity in our zone. We only saw one Snowy Plover that appeared to be hiding a baby under her wing.

Shells I carried home.

What if the oil spill does reach Sanibel Island, an article written by
Eric Taubert.

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