Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sea Turtle Tracking

I was just reading Two Turtle Trackers Blog today, which reminded me of something I posted a while back. A Loggerhead turtle had returned to Keewaydin Island for its 21st summer of nesting. Another came back for its 15th summer. Transmitters were put on them for tracking. I failed to follow through, and was happy for the reminder.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida put transmitters on four Loggerhead turtles, all of which had nested on Keewaydin Island this summer. The transmitters are for collecting information as to where the turtles go when nesting season is over and if they return to the same places to nest. You can log on to follow their adventures. If you have never done sure to check it out. It's amazing!

Full story about this on News-Press.

By logging in at you can follow these and other turtles as they go on with their daily lives.

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