Friday, August 21, 2009

Help For A Diamondback Terrapin

The Diamondback Terrapin is a turtle that I knew very little about. I was reading an article about the National Marine Life Center, which is getting the addition of a new hospital. This will enable them to assist more animals and save more lives. In reading that, I read about Patty, a Diamondback Terrapin turtle, which is a species on the endangered list as threatened in Massachusetts and is considered a "species of concern" in Georgia, Delaware, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Virginia, but it holds no federal status. Patty isn't a saltwater turtle, but Diamondback Terrapins do live in brackish water, which has more salinity than fresh water, but not as much as seawater. Patty was found barely alive and was taken to the National Marine Life Center, where she is being treated and will hopefully, soon return to the wild.

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