Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walk #10

Today was our 10th turtle walk of the season. There was no new activity this week in our zone. The low for the day was 79 degrees and it got up to 89. The water in the gulf is 88.

It was just getting light, as I walked out to the beach. The full moon was shinning brightly. It was warm and humid, but the wind made the 2 mile walk very pleasant until around the last quarter mile. I was melting down, the rest of the way.

There was quite a bit of seaweed on the beach. Along the way I noticed that it seemed to be causing a couple of fishermen some grief as it was floating in the water near them.

I saw several left-over sand art projects.

You could tell there had been many people on the beach during the holiday weekend. Lots of holes had been dug in the sand. Some were pretty deep, and a couple of them had a piece of wood over part of the hole with sand covering it.

A large hole was dug only a couple of feet from a Snowy Plover Nesting Area.

There were some very pretty clouds this morning.

There was an abundance of discarded and lost items on the beach, like this shell net.


Sea Turtle.

This hole had tunnels going under the sand for a couple feet.

Is it the flip or the flop?

In this tidal pool, there were about a dozen dead fish. I wondered if they were trapped there as the tide went out, or if a fisherman just dumped them there.

The next find was a fillet of sole. :-)

This lady was starting out the day right, as she sat reading by the water's edge. She seemed oblivious to the traffic passing by.

There was a lot of trash scattered on the beach. I saw another lady picking some up and we had two tightly packed bags full.

Best viewed in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.


bobbie said...

A beautiful dawn over your beautiful beach.

But isn't is a sad thing that we humans, in our search for pleasure and/or entertainment, continue to leave behind us so much debris and destruction?

Snowbird said...

Love the flip or flop comment.

Won't people ever learn about the holes--especially tunnels!

karin said...

I love your photos. I found your site through Bobbie. I'm new to blogging and desperately want to connect to kindred spirits. I've been on Sanibel Island 3 times and envy your living there. I'm in the High Uintahs of northern Utah hosting at a remote primitive campground. Didn't Nevada Barr right a book about Cumberland Island that involved turtes?