Thursday, July 2, 2009

Respect The Sea Turtles

Adult sea turtles are scarce, and for years it was estimated that the females are 25-30 years of age before they begin laying eggs. But the most recent research finds that age nearer to 35. The odds of a sea turtle living to that age is not good. Therefore it is very important that we do everything possible to protect the mama turtles, while they are nesting, also protect the eggs and the emerging hatchlings.

The Sea Turtle Hospital at Topsail, NC has some valuable information and rules to follow during the nesting season.

This is one example of what can happen when new hatchlings are disoriented by lighting near the beach.

Here is an example of what can happen when trash is left behind on the beach or tossed into the water.

If you have ever wanted to watch a sea turtle nesting, you might want to take a tour on a Florida beach with the experts. This is the best time of the year to go turtle walking. At Sebastian Inlet State Park, visitors are allowed to observe the nesting process of loggerhead sea turtles during a tour led by a park ranger. For more information.....

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bobbie said...

Such wonderful creatures! And we are in danger of losing them. Now it's also the sea otters. So sad.