Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fifteenth Turtle Walk of 2010

This was our 15th turtle walk this nesting season. It was a little darker this morning than it usually is. I saw no one on the beach when we first started, but in a few minutes I saw bright flashlights shining, way up the beach. I guess they didn't get the memo about no flashlights during sea turtle nesting season.

It was interesting walking, because the tides have been pretty high during the last few days. There was a little sea wrack to look at, and some shells. Sadly, some of the sea turtle nests got washed out from those high tides. The nest in our zone has been washed over, so we'll just have to wait to find out if the eggs still hatch. It seems that things are just stacked against the poor turtles' survival.

someone's cast offs.

Sun shining through a Pen Shell.

A Brittle Starfish.

a very small starfish. We carried a lot of starfish back to the water.

There were larger and deeper areas of shells, in some places.

One perfect little treasure! I forgot to put it in the picture below.

A live Pear Whelk

Starfish Trail.

Coconut tracks!

I only picked up a few shells to take home. I had two more small Angel Wings, but they got broken in the shell bag on the way home.

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captiva.sunset said...

These pictures are all wonderful...thanks for posting your beach finds. Also, I LOVE the Pen Shell photo. It is absolutely beautiful!