Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Cold Stunned Sea Turtles

Extended cold weather conditions can be devastating to the sea turtles. Hundreds have already been found on Florida beaches and as far up as North Carolina. Many have been taken in for treatment and some have died. The problem is called 'cold stun', which happens when the water temperature drops below their normal body temperature. Their metabolic rate drops and they stop swimming and eating, then end up floating. If they aren't found, they will probably die.

Volunteers are out in large numbers, searching for the stranded turtles. All facilities that can take in sea turtles are doing so right now to help with the emergency. With more cold weather coming, additional 'cold stunned' sea turtles are expected to be found on the shores.

All of the facilities need monetary donations to purchase medicine and supplies for this growing amount of turtles that need treatment.

If the cold continues much longer, it may have an effect on our other wildlife as well. There have already been reports of iguanas, paralyzed from the cold temperatures, falling out of trees. When freezing temps into the 20's continue for too long, the reptiles blood flow comes to a standstill and can kill them.

Here are links to articles on sea turtle rescues in the last couple of days. There are some amazing volunteers out there in the cold, trying to do what they can to help.

Article and video of 'Cold-stunned' sea turtles brought ashore at Kennedy Space Center.


bobbie said...

Hooray for the volunteers! Thank heaven there are good people out there, doing their thing.

Gayle said...

That is so unbelievable. The turtles are so lucky to have so many that care. I hope the weather warms soon.

I tried to comment on your other blog, but there wasn't a comment button. Anyhow, it is strange the fish etc dying, but maybe this is somehow in natures plan to keep things in balance. I would hope there is a good end to all the craziness you are enduring.

gpc said...

I think it's so sad, and I don't think nature would have made these weather changes without a lot of help from us. I hope the little lizards and turtles can hang in there until the weather breaks. But if these patterns continue, I don't suppose they can adapt fast enough to save themselves.