Friday, May 1, 2009

Sanibel and Captiva's Sea Turtle Season Begins

Today, May 1 is the first day of the 2009 sea turtle nesting season, here in Florida. Sanibel and Captiva beaches are among the primary nesting grounds for Loggerhead sea turtles. Hundreds of turtles will return here, to the beach where they were born,to lay eggs.

A turtle weighing several hundred pounds, typically crawls up onto the beach in the darkness of night, to dig a nest with her rear flippers. The nest digging is a difficult task and could take over an hour to complete.

She then deposits approximately 100 pliable eggs, resembling ping pong balls, into the nest, covers them with sand and returns to the sea.

After 55 to 60 days incubation period, a cluster of tiny hatchlings emerge from the sand and hurry to the water to begin their fight for survival in the sea.

If you come across either a potential nest that has not been marked or a turtle laying eggs, please don't disturb the turtle or the site and immediately notify Amanda Bryant at SCCF , 239-470-3360.

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