Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sanibel/Captiva Sea Turtle Stats

If you missed the SCCF Sea Turtle Stats, you have a chance to read about the turtle nesting this season. We had more than Loggerheads this year. :-)


MariBy said...

So you - and the other volunteers - have to do your walk by 7:30 am?

Too bad I am on the wrong coast (as I have always been an early riser) as I would love to volunteer at something like this.

A big "Thank you" to you, Tootie - and all the other volunteers - who put in countless hours at such very worthwhile projects like this. :D

Tootie said...

Thank you Mariby. I wish you could be here to do a turtle walk too. :-) Thanks for showing such an interest in sea turtles.